Instagram Will Now Let You Save Your Live Stream Videos

March 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram fired a shot at its rival with the launch of its live stream videos back in November last year. There was a catch however. The livestream feature included in Instagram skipped the ability to let users save those videos, whether it their device or on their account for users to watch later. This is changing however.

With the latest version 10.12 update, Instagram will let its users watch their live stream later on. To do so, just click on the newly-introduced Save button that will appear on top once the live stream is over. The entire live-streamed videos will be saved on your device once the action is performed.

However, the saved videos will only be viewable to the video owners, and the rest won’t be able to view the videos. That’s because the videos will be saved to the device in their camera roll, and not in their Instagram account like in Facebook livestream and Periscope. But it’s still good to have an option to save the live stream videos.

Back when the livestream was introduced, Instagram omitted the ‘save’ and ‘watch later’ features by explaining that the focus was to take the users closer to live streaming. This however has prevented many users from using live stream in the fear of missing their precious moments forever, forcing them to stick with their device cameras or other services like Facebook and Snapchat.

But with the new save feature available, users are given a guarantee that the moments captured will not be wiped out once the stream is over. This should encourage more users to show up with live streams in Instagram./

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