Android 8 Early Leaks Reveal New Exciting Features

March 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has already started teasing its upcoming Android iteration and it includes those routine teases about its possible nomenclature. But as usual, Google won’t be revealing its upcoming Android name soon, but what we can head to is about some useful features that will be finding its place in Android 8, a.k.a Android O.

According to information obtained by VentureBeat, Android O will be introducing three new features that include, and not limited to, a new copy feature powered by AI, gesture controls, and deeper actions for message texts.

Accordingly, Google is working on improving its capabilities with texts, and this would result in features that would hand out more options for users with texts from messages and other apps. One new feature that would be introduced is called ‘Copy Less’.

As the name suggest, the new feature would help users reduce the burden of having to pinpoint and copy objects by automatically filling up the box based on the text. This particularly aims at making it easier for users to type in details from other apps into a conversation, like having a restaurant address typed automatically when discussing or replying to related queries from friend. It needs to be seen how accurate the new feature could prove to.

Apart from that, Google is also vamping up its artificial intelligence to be more productive with texts. This include picking up texts that deals with details like address, dates, events, and more and providing actions to open them with suitable apps, like Maps in the case of addresses.

The last of the feature that was leaked follows the likes of Huawei and Nokia with its ability to open apps using gesture. This means that users could get particular apps opened by simply drawing specific letters, like having C set for Contacts. It would also be customizable, which would let you replace Contacts with Calendars if the latter is what you tend to open more in your device.

All these are still in development, and haven’t been confirmed for the upcoming Android iteration that would be unveiled in May. Android O will be out subsequently through a series of developer previews.

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