Nest Expanding Product Lineup with a Slew of New Smart Home Products

March 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nest’s range of connected devices will soon be getting bigger. The Alphabet-acquired company is currently working upon three new devices for bolstering home automation including a new home security system.

According to the report from Bloomberg, the company is planning to introduce a home security system with added sensors for doors and windows, a smart doorbell with camera, and a key fob for arming and disarming the alarms.

With the new devices, Nest will be eyeing an expansion that would let its customers depend on Nest products for building their smart homes instead of mixing products from different companies. At present, the company offers only smoke alarm device apart from its thermostat and cameras.

Besides, Nest will also be introducing a revamped version of its Nest Cam along with a cheaper version of its thermostat device. The latter will be able to control the temperature based on usage patterns. It will be made available for $200, which is $50 cheaper than the one from Nest which is available in markets right now.

Nest will also have a batch of new sensors made available that would be compatible with Nest’s thermostat. Those will be facilitating the individual control of room temperatures rather than controlling the entire home.

As with the updated Nest indoor monitoring cam, it will be now powered with ability to send notifications when it detects the entry of non-identified persons in a room. At present, the camera doesn’t have the ability to distinguish the rest from inmates. The updated camera will be released by this fall according to sources.

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