ProTruly Darling is the World’s First 360-Degree Camera Smartphone

March 8, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Some might be wondering why 360-degree cameras haven’t found its space in smartphones yet, despite the entire tech world running behind VR and AR frenzy. But here’s the answer to all those; Darling, a smartphone from ProTruly that’s probably the world’s first 360-degree camera equipped smartphone.

Putting it straight, Darling is a weird phone. It cannot be comfortably placed along with any of the smartphone class in the market today. While smartphones are getting sleeker and sleeker, Darling takes a U-turn from that and embraces an ‘enormous’ form factor with extra bumps on its rear and front. That’s what the device employs to accommodate the 360-degree camera technology that is powered by front and rear-cam.

Unfortunately, those bumps are not like the smaller ones you see in One Plus or Oppo devices. Instead, those are really bulky, and holding Darling in your hand might not even evoke the feeling of holding a smartphone.

Speaking of the camera, Darling makes use of two 13MP fishy lenses on its front and back to have the 360-degree imageries captured. Images and videos captured appear inside a globular shape in the device, and those can be zoomed to view it in 360-degrees. It still requires you to scroll the images to enjoy the 360-degree viewing, but that can be solved by shooting those videos to third-party apps including YouTube.

The idea of having a 36-degree cam could certainly appeal photo enthusiast. But affording those by sacrificing the basic smartphone design norms might not pan out to be a good idea.

As with the remaining specs, the 5.5-inch sized Darling smartphone packs a Full HD display, and inside the hood is a MediaTek processor paired with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. The device packs a battery of 3560 mAh, and is also provided with connectivity support for USB Type-C.

The standard version of Darling will retail at $500-600, and the company will also be bringing out a premium edition that will come garnished with pure gold, diamond, and Italian leather. Buyers will have to spend $1300 for that edition, which will also have fingerprint sensors placed on front home button instead of rear-side like in the standard edition.

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