Facebook is Bringing in the Dislike Button Finally, But Not Where You Thought

March 8, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook not just wants you to be expressive inside Messenger with the use of emojis, but also wants you to be reactive with the same. The company is now planning to introduce new reactions feature that would finally include what many have wanted for: a dislike button.

As per the new report, Facebook is now testing the new feature that will include a series of new buttons inside its Messenger app, similar to what we have seen with posts. But unlike the latter, the reactions inside Messenger will also include a thumbs-down icon for users to express their dislike for messages sent in groups or individual chats.

The other buttons included in the reactions apart from the new dislike button are thumbs up for “like,” heart-eyes for “love”, mouth-agape for “wow”, sad and angry emojis. Facebook overhauled its like button feature by introducing reactions over a year ago.

The option to react will be provided right next to individual messages and each reacted messages will be bearing a counter that shows the overall reactions that has been registered. Users can tap the reaction icon to view all the reactions that has been made on those messages.

Facebook has confirmed the testing of the new feature, which it says will be making Messenger more fun and engaging. At present, the feature is being only tested and not everyone will be available to enjoy the new feature. But it could soon be rolled out to all users, and that depends on how much users like them.

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