Prisma’s Artistic Filters will Soon Go through a Big Expansion

March 7, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Prisma is gearing up to expand its filters, and we can expect that to be a huge expansion. The company has revealed that the photo filter app will soon be adding a new filter store to expand its library of filters. And if that’s not enough, Prisma will also be letting its users create their own new filters using its impressive artificial intelligence.

At present, Prisma offers 44 free filters, and that will hit a big overhaul with the introduction of the ‘filter’ store.  This library will see new filter additions every week, or maybe even daily additions. Despite it being called a Store, Prisma will still let you download all those for free.

Apart from that, Prisma will also let you rate and share those filter additions. Interestingly, Prisma will also let users remove unwanted filters from their app, which is nice considering that there would be so many filters left unused by users.

The other feature, the filter creation tool, which is also the most interesting feature, is being currently introduced as a desktop tool. It won’t be available for all however, as Prisma is opening the access only for select Prisma users, which refer to the most active users of the app.

Users can upload a picture as reference, following which they will be presented with a host of slider options that can be tweaked to change the filter. Once done, Prisma will start analyze the filter, slowly revealing how the final output of the filter would look like. The overall process would take over one hour.

Prisma is also eyeing to expand the filter creation tool by bringing it onto mobile devices. But there’s no word on when it will arrive. Until then, users can check the filter creation tool in their desktops from here.

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