Google’s Keep Notes Gets Promoted to G Suite

March 6, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you thought the Keep note app extension seldom have a role in Google Docs, then you are wrong, at least from now on. Google has announced that its note keeping service will now be fully integrated with Google Docs, letting you swap your notes to G Suite with ease.

With the new introduction, users can easily access their notes from Keep and insert them to G Suite. Initially, the service will be available only with Google Docs. To get the notes, users will have to select keep from the Toole menu inside Google Docs, which will bring forward a new Keep panel.


This side panel will present you with the notes from Keep, and those can be inserted to the docs by simply dragging and placing them over doc, preserving images and formatting. The keep panel is also provided with a search option to easily access the notes that aren’t highlighted in the Keep panel.

Apart from that, users will also be able to add new notes from Doc through the ‘Save to Keep notepad’ option made available in the right-click menu after selecting the desired text. The links to the original doc will be provided in the saved notes as well, which is a real plus of the Keep integration with G Suite.

As of now, Google hasn’t revealed whether or when the Keep services will be made available to rest of the G Suite apps and smartphone applications. Until then, users can make use of it in Docs, which apparently is where Keep note integration makes the most sense.

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