Google is Expanding Allo Chat App to Desktop

February 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s Allo never rose to its pre-launch expectations. As a matter of fact, the much hyped app has been struggling to raise its user base ever since its introduction. Google has now decided to improve those figures, and they are adopting an easy solution for those: expansion to more platforms.

Google has always loved to employ the mobile-only policy for most of its new apps, and Allo could deviate from that by bringing out a desktop variant. The expansion was confirmed by Google’s VP of communications, Nick Fox, who has also tweeted a screenshot of the newly developed desktop variant.

Similar to its smartphone version, the desktop variant of Allo draws a huge similarity to the web interface of WhatsApp, with chat list neatly stacked to the left and a broad space provided for the chat log with those contacts.

It can also be noted from the screenshot that the Allo version isn’t exactly a standalone Windows or Mac app, but instead a Chrome app. That should worry some as to whether the version will only be an alternate mode of communication for the current users.

Similar to WhatsApp, Google Allo makes use of phone numbers for registration, and should Google decide to stick with that, a standalone version won’t be possibly shaping up. Barring that, Google will still have its web version of Allo powered up with solid features like full support for Google Assistant for both direct chats and as in-chat assistant for conversations with your friends.

There is no word on when Allo will start showing up on desktops. Nick Fox in his tweet mentions that it’s still the early days of development, so you shouldn’t expect it to come out any sooner.

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