Instagram Now Lets Users Upload More than One Image per Post

February 25, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram doesn’t want its users to just mash up all their photos from a trip into stories alone. Instead, they also want them to stack up those photos and videos onto its feed. For that, they have now introduced a new feature to its timeline.

The photo-hosting app is now letting its users post photos and videos as a single carousel which the viewers will be able to view individually by swiping across. Up to 10 photos or videos can be posted to a single carousel by simply selecting them from their gallery.

The carousel can be edited accordingly by the user, like changing the order or tagging friends to each of those images or videos. Instagram also lets users edit or add filters to the pictures and videos individually.

In case you want to skip the burden of editing all of them distinctly, you can also prefer to add a single filter to all of those contents in your carousel. The caption and comments will be the same for the entire carousel. At present, only square images can be added to the feature. According to Instagram, the new feature will help users upload more than just a single best image or video of their favorite moments or experiences.

It’s not the first time that Instagram is enabling image carousels. Prior to the current launch, the feature was made available only to advertisers. With the global rollout, over 600 million users of Instagram will now be able to make use of the feature. Apart from that, Instagram has also expanded the number of contents to 10 from 5.

The update is being rolled out gradually to Android and iOS devices, and it should be hitting all the users within a few weeks.

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