Apple’s Touch-ID Replacement Could be More than Just Facial Recognition

February 25, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We still have months to go before we could get to see the first look of the upcoming iPhone 8. But thanks to insiders, a lot have been speculated about the revolutionary technologies that would be included in the device.

The most recent of those was the inclusion of a facial recognition technology that could be introduced to replace the Touch ID, eventually to accommodate the edge-edge display. However, new report suggests that facial technology could be put in place as an additional layer of security apart from Touch ID.

Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now released a new note which further reveals about the technology. Rather than being just a facial recognition setup, Apple could incorporate the technology to offer more including augmented reality foray.

Reportedly, the iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary front-cam technology that will be coupled with infrared sensors to scan more details of what it captures including depth. This could not just make the front-camera capable of delivering 3D images, but could also open up its access to third party applications to better the AR capabilities of the device.

Apart from those, the so-called technology could also prove to be revolutionary in many other aspects. One such application is in gaming. According to Kuo, the feature could be used for next-gen gaming to replace the faces of gaming characters with 3D head figures of the user.

There are not much details available as of yet, but there appears to be endless possibilities for the new technology. The iPhone 8 would definitely live up to its expectation of being the ‘revolutionary’ iPhone if this turns real.

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