Microsoft is Inputting Time Resources to Overhaul HoloLens Successor

February 24, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft won’t be having a HoloLens successor launched next year like many would have expected. Instead, they are allocating time to make its successor massively overhauled by the time it comes out, which many not occur before 2019 by any means.

The report comes from Thurrott, which says that the HoloLens 2 is getting sidelined for a completely overhauled HoloLens 3 augmented reality headset. Earlier reports have revealed that Microsoft skipped the showcase of its second-gen HoloLens to MVP during last year. The hardware was scheduled to come out by the early part of 2017.

With the plans shifted, it’s becoming apparent that the second-gen, which was shown-off to some under non-disclosure, was rather a mere updated version of current edition of HoloLens. But that could change with the next version, as Microsoft is said to be overhauling a number of aspects for HoloLens 3. Those would cover battery life, performance including processing power, and also field of view, the latter which was widely deemed in the original device.

Microsoft’s decision is also cushioned by the fact that there are apparently no rivals for the HoloLens. Its closest competitor is the Google-backed Magic Leap. A recent prototype of the Magic Leap showed that it was nowhere close to taking the shape of a consumer device. Magic Leap boss have eschewed the concerns though. With that lack of competition prevailing, Microsoft could afford to spare a couple of years to improve its AR headset so that it matches up with the expectation that has been built along with the AR hype.

HoloLens was initially revealed back in 2015, and the company started selling developer units a year later. As of now, users can grab a developer unit for $3000, while there’s also a Commercial Suite bundle that’s being made available for $5000.

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