ZTE Not to Have Its Crowd-Sourced Smartphone Launched Soon

February 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chinese manufacturer ZTE is not willing to push the green button for its crowd-sourced smartphone, dubbed the Hawkeye. The company has pulled the wires off its Kickstarter campaign a day ahead of its funding deadline.

The company’s decision shouldn’t disappoint the fans however. Hawkeye was initially launched as Project CSX, with the company using its feedback forum to collect ideas for its crowd-sourced smartphone. It was later promoted to a Kickstarter campaign, where it unfortunately struggled to cope up with the funding target.

At the time of its withdrawal, ZTE Hawkeye has managed to raise only $35,800, which was way short of its goal of raising $500,000. The funding shows that the project would have been a failure even if it wasn’t pulled out by the company.

The lack of interest among the fans was attributed for the mid-range specs. An online poll revealed that over 45% wanted its Snapdragon 625 mid-range SoC to be replaced with the flagship SD 835 SoC. ZTE is definitely heading to those demands with the withdrawal, as Hawkeye’s pullout will only be a temporary one.

The company is now planning to lift the specs of the device so as to bring it back on the crowd-funding platform with premium specs. The pulled out device featured a 5.5-inch Full HD display with 3 GB RAM that was coupled with a Snapdragon 625 SoC.  32 GB of storage was offered in-built. On the camera front, the Hawkeye packed a 12 MP and 13 MP dual-cameras on its back, with the front camera housing an 8 MP sensor.

We are not sure which all among those will witness a bump while the device makes the return. The company has however guaranteed that it will retain the two award-winning ideas which the fans have required for: the eye-tracking technology and the self-adhesive backing that will let the device stick to flat surfaces.

As with the current campaign, backers will be having their full pledge money returned as per Kickstarter rules. A total of 180 members have pledged for the crowd-funded smartphone from ZTE.

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