Skype is Making Calls and Conversations More Lively by Introducing ‘Reactions’

February 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Skype wants to entertain its users when engaged in calls and conversations in the video-calling platform. As a result, they are now testing a batch of new features that are soon expected to make its way onto the official app.

Four new features are being tested now by Skype, and all of them are made available on the insider preview version of Skype for iOS and Android devices. The most interesting addition among the new batch is ‘reactions’ that are similar to those in other social media platforms.

Reactions are available both for messages as well as video calls as in-call reactions. Users will be able to add live emoticons, texts and real-time photos to video calls. All those can also be added to messages, similar to Message on iOS. It covers various reactions like emoji, stickers, voting and more.

Apart from reactions, Skype has also introduced a new integrated camera in its beta version. With the new feature, users can access the built-in camera by simply swiping left from an active messaging thread window. Photos captured can also be garnished with stickers, emoji and annotations before putting it up on the respective message thread.

The last among the new features introduced is a find panel through which users will be easily able to access and share links, news, sports results, restaurants, weather info and more without exiting the app.

The features are available on Skype Preview for Android, which can be downloaded directly from Google Play. iOS version is available only in limited numbers via Apple’s TestFlight, and users can apply for the preview by applying for Skype Insider  here. Selected users will be provided with download links via email.

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