iPhone 8 Could Replace Touch ID with Laser Facial Recognition to Aid Screen Expansion

February 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Bezel-less smartphones are always a charm. But at the same time, it has kept on irking some users with the way it treats the physical home button and fingerprint sensors on the front. Even Samsung is said to have its fingerprint sensors shifted to back on Galaxy S8. However, Apple’s plans for its revolutionary iPhone 8 now seems to be getting users more excited.

Similar to Samsung, Apple is planning to go bezel-less by introducing edge-to-edge display with iPhone 8 that would be released with this year’s iPhone 7s and 7s Plus models. The screen size would measure 5.8-inches, making it the largest iPhone screen.

Presumably, Apple too will have to ditch its Touch ID embedded home screen button from the front if to accommodate edge-to-edge screen, and they are doing so by completely getting rid of the touch sensors. Instead, Apple’s security will now be tied up with front-facing 3D laser facial recognition technology. That’s according to JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall, who also suggests that Apple could expand the 3D laser scanner to its iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s devices.

If this turns real, Apple could not just facilitate edge-to-edge display to its device, but could also potentially improve the security on its device. It could also alleviate the customer frustrations of having unresponsive touch ID sensors in wet conditions. Moreover, Apple’s adoption of facial recognition could also pave way for enrichment of augmented reality technology in iPhones, which however won’t be kick-started before 2018.

The addition of front facing facial scanner would mean that Apple will have its material cost increased by $10-$15, which along with the other additions would increase the price of the device by $100. That would make the pricing of iPhone cross $1000 for the first time ever, also making it the world’s most expensive non-luxurious smartphone.

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