FaceApp Arrives on Android to Transform Faces with the Help of Neural Network

February 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s an app available now which doesn’t likes serious faces. It’s that app which will always put a smile on your self-portraits or other images, thanks to the neural network employed by the app. Face App is the name of this new AI-backed app, and it’s now available for Android devices.

Smiling faces are among the few neural network-powered filters that are available in the app. The neural network backing the app is quite similar to the one that was used in Prisma. But the latter made use of AI only to tweak the filters and the overall output, and not with the content.

This is what gets modified in FaceApp which makes use of its neural network to alter the contents of the image. Similar to adding smiles on faces, FaceApp can also perform other handy alterations like making a face appear hotter, older, younger, and even changing male faces to female faces and vice versa.

That’s only a limited number of options available. Moreover, the final result can also be a hit and miss. It works well with most of the images, but it’s not a guarantee that you can always have the perfect smile put up on faces using the neural network.

However, FaceApp still brings uniqueness being that app that manages to alter the original content of the images using AI. That’s nearly a first-of-its-kind attempt, and it should be getting better in the coming days, either with FaceApp or through other apps.

Besides, FaceApp was also confined earlier to iOS, and its expansion to Android shows the sign of progress for neural network-powered photo editing that involves content alteration. Head to Play Store now to perform face transformation on images you wish to see altered.

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