Google Maps Introduces Lists to Let You Share Starred Locations

February 16, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Maps used to be the app that took you from Point A to Point B. But over these years, it has evolved to become more of a travel companion. For this, Google has vowed to make its navigation app more social, and year 2017 will be witnessing some aggressive moves from Google in this regard.

The first output of those moves is now gearing up to make its way on Android and iOS devices. Called List, the new feature in Google Maps introduces a social element by letting users save and share locations within the app.

The feature is a refined version of the starred locations feature, and makes users store these locations as list. These lists can be clicked to instantly put them on map. By default, Google Maps offers three lists, which are Favorites, Starred, and ‘Want to Go’. The first two might similar, but Google’s explanation makes sense: not all the starred locations might be exactly the favorite ones for users. But apart from that, users can create their own lists and add locations to it.

The biggest feature in Lists is its ability to share the list to others. Users can opt to make the list private or public, and can also share the list through text, mail or social media platforms. Invites will be received as links, which can be accessed also on web version of Google Maps. Users will also be able to follow those lists to keep track of those update once the list is accessed.

Google says that the List feature will work offline for those who have created it, and also for those who are following particular lists. Creation of lists is currently limited to Android and iOS app versions, but it will soon be expanded to web version along with the introduction of other new features.

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