Samsung Galaxy S8 May Feature New AI Assistant Along with Bixbie

February 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung Galaxy S8 has finally made an ‘official status’ last week with a company official confirming its 5.8-inch and 6.2-icnh flagship devices speaking to a Korean news outlet. But that’s not the only good news regarding the Galaxy S8.

According to the latest trademark filed by the company in Europe, Samsung will be having a new AI lined up along with the pre-said Bixbie in Galaxy S8. It was already revealed that Samsung would be taking the competition against the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple with the introduction of a new in-house AI assistant.

According to the patent, Samsung’s new AI assistant is called ‘Samsung Hello’. Besides being a personal assistant, Samsung is also bringing up the Samsung Hello AI to be a personalized content provider that that can feed you with music, news, weather and many more as per your taste. The AI will be able to learn the users’ like and dislikes and behave accordingly.

AI is one area that is being watched closely by Samsung so as to rebuild the market trust through Galaxy S8, and it appears Samsung is headed in the right direction. But everything doesn’t sounds well with S8, as there are also other reports which suggest that Samsung’s normal and Plus-sized Galaxy S8 devices could be packing battery of 3,000mAh and 3,500mAh respectively. This is 250 mAh short of what was rumored before, which should be a matter of concern.

Galaxy S8 is said to feature the latest Snapdragon/ Exynos products which will be coming out with better power efficiencies. Samsung could afford to lose some mAh counts if considering those bettered numbers of the SoC, but it’s the display that could prove to be the pain.

The Galaxy S8 will be coming in much bigger sizes than that of their previous counterparts, which means that it would still require some extra charge to maintain its battery consumption. We are not sure if Samsung would surprise us by pulling out something to counteract this. Let’s hope they do manage to perform so.

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