Google Powers Personal AI on Pixel Devices with Home Control Support

February 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Assistant is certainly one of the biggest benefits of owning a Pixel device. Despite being nearly half a year since its arrival, Pixel continues to evolve massively hinting how powerful it can get in the near future. Now, Google is adding yet another feature to showcase what the Assistant holds when it becomes available for the rest of the devices.

The voice interface on Google’s own device is now getting promoted with the company rolling out Home control support for the Assistant. With the support intact, Pixel devices should be able to take control over a host of home devices via the Google Assistant voice control to control room temperature or to adjust the light settings.

Home control for Pixel was announced last month, upon when Google revealed Belkin, Wemo, and Honeywell to be the supported home devices. But now that it’s coming out, Google has expanded that list, and Home control for Pixel can now also control other range of device that includes Nest, Philips Hue, and Samsung SmartThings.

The new feature can be found right under the settings page in Google app, and users can also find the paired devices and set-up rooms under the tab. Users can add new devices via the FAB, and the process is quite similar to how you do it in Google Home.

The addition not just makes Google Assistant more powerful, but it also makes home control easier by bringing everything under a single window rather than surfing through the options on multiple tabs through Google Home.

Home control through Google Assistant is currently restricted to Pixel and Pixel XL devices. But it should soon expand to other devices as Google Assistant is nearing its debut on a non-Pixel device. The upcoming LG G6 is said to be the first phone to feature the personal AI from Google apart from Pixel devices.

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