Microsoft Ushers In New Picture-in-Picture Mode in Windows 10

February 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is making multitasking easier in Windows 10. The latest developer preview version is now teasing some of the features that will soon be arriving on Windows 10, and it includes a bunch of much needed additions. One among them is the arrival of a new Compact Overlay mode, which definitely should be a boon to many Windows users.

With the new mode, Microsoft is letting users perform multi-tasking activities more swiftly with the introduction of a new compact window that can be run atop other windows. The windows so opened will also remain pinned so that it doesn’t get buried down when opening new windows.

Microsoft says that its Compact Overlay feature works similar to any other windows, which should make all applications compatible with the new feature. However, we believe it would be mostly useful for video applications and services like YouTube videos, Skype etc.

This should come handy for users in many occasions like when watching a tutorial video, or for quick-accessing mails and taking notes etc. It’s not yet sure if whether the window size can be manually adjusted. The feature is currently available only for developers through the latest Preview Build 15031.

The update also adds a couple of other features like introduction of dynamic lock to keep the device locked automatically when user presence is not detected for a particular period. Apart from that, Microsoft is also expanding its Game Bar support. Around 52 games are now supported by Game Bar which can be invoked by hitting Win+G to capture or record gameplay footage.

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