Google Now is Going Down; Top Five Alternates to Pick From

February 10, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google will shortly have its much beloved Google Now launcher taken down from the Play Store. Support for the launcher will still be provided, but it’s quite clear that Google’s interests are inclined towards the newer member of the family, the Pixel launcher.

Users can expect little updates on their way ahead with Google Now launcher. Many would sure hang on with Google Now. But it’s not bad to look beyond Google, as there are many other launchers that provide equal, or rather better, features and options than Google Now. Listed below are a few of them.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the most, if not the most popular launcher among customizers for quite a long time in the market. And it still manages to retain its popularity, thanks to the continuous updates it has been receiving to keep its customization features expanding.

On top of that, Nova Launcher comes sans any big graphical tweaks that let its function smooth on even devices with lower specs. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any animations at all. With various gesture control and neat categorization, Nova Launcher should not disappoint you if picking it as the replacement for Google Now. The app comes free of charges, but unlocking certain features might require users to make the jump to the Prime version, which comes with a charge of $4.99.

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Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher is one app to look forward if you are savvy of the Google features, like having the Pixie Pill and the date widget. Interestingly, they can be customized to match your tunes. Moreover, there is also a quick theme option that automatically shuffles your homepage based on your wallpaper.

Action Launcher 3 is also backed by a host of quick-access shortcuts like an intriguing cover feature, gesture support and more. The app was also awarded Google Play’s app of the year back in 2015.

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Cheetah Launcher

Cheetah launcher is not the name that would show up if you are opting for a customizable launcher. But this one definitely is worth a look for the simplicity it offers. Along with that simplicity, users also get greater speed that takes up only half the RAM of many other launchers available in the market.

But that said, Cheetah is not devoid of customization options, and there are plenty of themes to go through. One interesting feature is its intelligence that automatically places the most frequently used apps onto your home screen for easy access.

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Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher comes from the house of Microsoft. Interestingly, Arrow Launcher isn’t that launcher that can be put under competition with the rest. Instead, it resides in its own space of app arrangement and app fetching.

Arrow Launcher is powerful enough to fetch your most recently apps like calls and messages, and it can also get your app drawer customized according to those. Besides, this is also a good choice for those engaged with documentation works as Arrow Launcher comes pre-loaded with quick access to Office documents on the cloud.

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ADW Launcher is another fan-favorite in Google Play Store. Backed by an array of customization features, ADW takes personalization to such a level that it even offers creation of personalized widgets with the built-in widget maker.

With ADW, users will be handed with nearly endless options for customization, yet without hampering your memory and performance. The free version comes with many of those settings unlocked, but if you need more, there is a $3.49-priced version available to feed you even more.

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The afore-said launchers have made the list as they stay close to Google Now. But if you are willing to take a new route, there are further more options available that can be considered. Some of the top choices are Hola Launcher, CM Launcher, Evie and C Launcher.

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