WhatsApp’s Snapchat-Like Status will Let Users Mute Update

February 8, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp’s next major introduction is widely speculated to be Status, the Snapchat-like feature that will let users post ephemeral stories as their status. The feature is said to be tested in beta now, and reports are now suggesting that WhatsApp is introducing some new features to Status.

Accordingly, WhatsApp will let users mute or unmute status update of their contact list. This would make the Status stories of those contacts hidden in the new Status section that will be introduced with the feature.

WhatsApp is also planning to introduce a notification system that will notify users when their contacts post a new Status. The notification won’t be displayed for those stories that are posted by contacts under the muted list. Users will also be able to unmute those users at any time. The feature should be helpful in muting those users who comes up with stories which may not be of your taste.

Apart from that, the new beta also suggests that users will be able to reply to Status updates of other contacts. This is similar to Snapchat stories where users are able to comment on stories posted by others. Altogether, WhatsApp is making sure to stretch their efforts so as to make their Status feature be on par with the rival ones.

Interestingly, WhatsApp’s new feature is said to be arriving at the same time on all platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. The screenshots of the mute feature being played around in Windows Phone has also emerged now, and this should be a big relief for Windows Phone users who were often left out in the update race of apps.

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