Revamped Google Photos Makes Image Navigation Easier on Android

February 6, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Photos is receiving a big update that will make it easier for users to surf through their image library. The new v2.8 update comes with tweaked albums tab to offer better organization of the images and albums under the feature.

The most noticeable overhaul is the division of the albums tab into three categories. Besides showcasing your image albums, Google Photos now also categorizes albums based on the app that have been used to capture those images. With the last tab, Google will also let you sort the images using locations.

Auto sorting based on these parameters is nothing new, but its better categorization should certainly make it easier for users to search through the images. Besides, there are other features too that makes image searching easier.

The albums have also dropped the full-width display and instead have now opted for square grids that put in more images than it was before. The view also provides a better view of albums to the users.  Besides, the cover photos have also received a boost with the update. Images under the exploration feature now takes up almost half of the screen space, making the images more viewable to users.

Google Photos hasn’t received any major feature updates however apart from this visual tweak. But it might soon receive one according to an APK teardown. The upcoming update for Google Photos is said to be bringing in a new story-styled albums feature which will be crafted automatically by the app if selecting a few images manually at the start. We will have to wait to see when that will be

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