Google Finally Brining in Open-Sourced Chrome for iOS

February 3, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has kept its open-sourced Chromium project reserved for the desktop users. But that started changing with the onset of 2015 with which Google started rolling out Chromium for Android devices. iOS devices were however devoid of Chromium, but only until now as Google is opening up the open sourced Chrome for the Apple ecosystem as well.

Google has now officially announced that it’s moving the code from Chrome on iOS to the open-source repository which will finally bring the separate app under the open-sourced hood. Until now, Chrome for iOS was kept as a separate entity, off the open-source project, because of Apple’s requirement for browsers on iOS that demands them to be run on Webkit.

Google Chrome was run using Google’s Blink engine on the rest, and adding the codes for both simultaneously put Google to tweak through some extra complications. They haven’t given up, as a result of which the code base has now been shoot to the Chromium code base. With this in place, developers will be able to access the iOS version of Chromium just like they would have on any other platform.

This won’t bring any big changes to the Chrome app. However, Google will be able to roll out new versions of Chrome more quickly as the tests can now be performed with communities from all the platforms at the same time. Google has recently updated the Chrome browser for Mac, Windows and Linux, defaulting HTML5 to trigger the axing of Flash for all its sites.

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