Windows Cloud is Microsoft’s Attempt to Resurrect Windows RT

February 2, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is trying to wipe out the blotches of Windows RT by refreshing the OS under a new name. The upcoming Windows Cloud, if reports are to be believed, will be the new Windows RT OS that will have nothing to do with the cloud services from Microsoft. Instead, it will be the one that will be the upgrade to the infamous Windows RT OS.

Microsoft made it go all wrong with the Windows RT which was the company’s attempt to treat users with something new. Blame nothing for their effort, but in truth, Windows RT couldn’t get the users excited for it never actually supported the apps like they would have hoped for.

Windows RT let users download app only through the Windows Store, which unfortunately was like an empty market during that point of time. Apart from that, users were further frustrated with the fact that it never supported the traditional Windows 32 apps due to the ARM-based architecture that was put in place for the OS.

However, things have changed over the time. Windows Store is somewhat equipped to satisfy the thirsts of the user. This very fact should be enough to give the perfect makeover for Windows RT in its new form as Windows Cloud. But there’s even more.

With this time around, users will be able to emulate all their favorite traditional desktop apps. Thanks to Qualcomm that Windows Cloud can unite with the ARM architecture without having to giving it up on the Win32 app support.

Windows Cloud will still have drawbacks despite the aforesaid positives. But at least Microsoft’s latest attempt to take on Apple iPads and Google Chromebook will be far more solidified than the previous attempt.

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