BlackBerry Mercury Smartphone to Go Big with Camera

February 1, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

BlackBerry’s Mercury is probably one of the most anticipated devices of the Canadian manufacturer who have failed to create a mark despite the launch of more than a couple of smartphones. There have been several rumors paired with the smartphone specifications, all of which make the Mercury seemingly a device to lookout for. But out now in the air is a bigger revelation that could well up the anticipation for the smartphone.

According to reports, BlackBerry Mercury will be featuring the same camera sensor that was used in Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices, which was the Sony IMX378 camera sensor. The 12 MP sensor that was used in Pixel was one of the main highlight of the Google flagship. It has been lauded widely by the tech world, and it seems like BlackBerry will soon enjoy a share of those praises.

But that would also depend on how BlackBerry tweaks its software. BlackBerry should optimize its software in order to bring out the best out of the Sony sensor like Google did. According to reports from those who had access to the device at CES, the camera did look impressive, but we are still waiting for the final verdict.

BlackBerry Mercury will be shipped with the Snapdragon 625 SoC, and it will be paired with a RAM of 4GB and 32 GB storage. The device will be revealed at the upcoming MWC event in Barcelona, but it had made a short cameo previous week during ABC’s sitcom Last Man Standing” on Friday night.

The company is also said to be working on another budget smartphone, codenamed BBC 100-1, which the manufacturer intends to introduce for the market of Indonesia. There is no word on whether we will have the budget smartphone showcased at MWC.

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