Apple iOS 10.3 Top Five Features

January 31, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s only been a couple of days since Apple has rolled out its new iOS 10.2.1 update. The update didn’t pack any big features as it came with only minor bug-fixes and some content-focused upgrades. But Apple is not slowing it down in favor of its major iOS version that will be hitting June this year. Instead, it’s lining up a host of big additions to version 10.3, which has now begun rolling out to developers via the Beta Software Program. Here are the five big features which you can expect in the update when it hits the iPhones and iPads officially later.

 Apple ID Profile

Apple’s setting page is receiving a new profile option that will be the hub of several details like contact info, security settings, iCloud, App Store settings, and payment information along with the rest. Moreover, the new profile will also display the list of Apple devices linked to the particular account. Users will no longer have to dig through the settings to access each account either.

Find my AirPods

Apple has recently pulled down an app that helped you find your lost AirPods. Well it did so because it’s having an app of its own for the purpose. Using the Find My iPhone app, users can make use of the new tool to emit a loud sound from the AirPods so as to track them down. The ringer can be triggered only from the Apple device with which the AirPods were last used. Users can also access the last known location of AirPods when it was paired by accessing the new tool.

iCloud Storage

The iCloud settings page now has a profile button that lets you track down the usage of your iCloud storage. Device and program-specific details of the storage consumption can be viewed by tapping the new graph icon at the top of this profile. There should also be a suggestion option in the main settings page to improve the device’s performance, including tipping you with how to activate two-factor authentication for your iCloud.

Weather in Maps

The Map app from Apple will now give quick access to weather forecast by adding a new weather icon to the bottom-right hand corner, which will display the weather condition of the current location. The detailed forecast can be viewed by performing 3D Touch over the new icon or by holding the weather app in a new screen.

New File System

Apple’s new file system, dubbed the APFS, was announced during WWDC last year. The latest file system will better the support for solid-state storage and encryption. APFS will be replacing the HFS+ file system that has been currently in use since 1998.

Apart from the aforesaid features, iOS 10.3 will also bring other noticeable changes like Podcast widgets, enhanced CarPlay interface and redesigned transition animations.

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