Google Voice Latest Update Finally Makes It a Refined Communication App

January 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has indicated a couple of weeks ago that its virtual phone number service would be undergoing a massive overhaul. Now, it’s here; Google Voice has finally got the major update that not just retouches the app interface, but also adds some much-needed features to it.

The highlight of the new update is the design overhaul that has been brought forward to all the versions; web, iOS and Android. Instead of providing links to the services, Google Voice now categorizes the services in form of dedicated tabs for calls, messaging and voicemails. The iOS version also features a dedicated tab for the dial pad, which come in the form of a button along with the compose button in Android.

Apart from this design overhaul, Google Voice has also added some rich features that will finally let it catch up with its own communication tools. That includes the introduction of photo messaging. Images can now be sent as MMS just like you do it any other text messaging app. There’s also support for GIF image sending. Videos aren’t yet available however.

Apart from that, Google Voice also features group messaging features. Users can start new group conversations with ease, or can be part of groups created by others.

With the new features available, Google Voice is also taking the bold step of untying it from Hangouts integration that took the text messages to Hangouts instead of Google Voice app. Users will also be guided through the process of getting the integration disabled if they want.

As like other Google updates, the Google Voice update is only gradually hitting the users. Keep checking the update to see if your app has been updated to the new Google Voice.

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