Microsoft Officially Opening up Its E-Book Store with Latest Windows 10 Preview Build

January 25, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s latest Insider Preview of Windows 10 is hiding a big surprise for its users. The operating system is finally opening an e-book store in an effort to take on Amazon and other e-book providers, along with some power management features.

However, Microsoft won’t be adding a dedicated app for its collection of e-books. Instead, users will be provided access via a separate Web page that will be stored in the Reading List of its Edge browser. Only PDF and EPUB files can be purchased as of now.

Purchased books will be available under the Books segment of Edge. Integration of its e-book library to Edge proves to be beneficial here, as Edge’s configuration option will let users cherish Cortana features like having words defined through the personal assistant. Apart from that, Cortana will also be able to gain additional contexts, and play embedded video if there’s any in the active e-book. Users can also change the font and text size using Cortana.

The e-book library will remain confined to the Insider Preview version for some time from now, as Microsoft will be opening up the features for all only in the Creators Update that will be arriving at some point during spring this year.

Windows 10’s Insider Preview Build 15014 will also offer couple of other additions apart from the e-book. That includes new configuration options as well as enhanced power management features. The power plan options are getting back to the forefront as Windows 10 Insider Preview Build will have the controls placed at the center of the Taskbar. The additional configuration options include choice of custom accent colors along with visual upgrades to Cortana search bar to make it fall in line with the accent color.

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