YouTube Publicizes Feature that Shares Videos Directly through the App

January 24, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube appears like it’s finally taking the bold steps to let users skip the dependence on external applications for video sharing. The video-hosting platform was said to be piloting a feature that would let users share videos with their friends and families without having to share it through external app. Now, the company is lifting the lid off as the feature has now been made official.

However, the feature isn’t yet available globally, as YouTube has currently made the feature available only in Canada. With the new update, Canadian users will be able to see an updated Sharing tab option inside the iOS and Android YouTube apps that will be their dedicated social circle within YouTube.

Sharing of videos can be done by heading to this dedicated tab once you add your friends and families as contacts. The process is similar like in other applications; you sent request and wait for them to accept. Once they accept your requests, users will be able to share videos either directly to a person or to a group of contacts.

Users can not only share the videos directly to their contacts through the app, but can also keep a track record of it. The dedicated tab will feature the entire history of shared videos along with the messages that were sent across along with the videos. Ina way, YouTube is opening up a communication platform in its smartphone app.

The feature has been under testing for a while, and Google says it has unlocked the feature for Canada first because of its higher video sharing rate that stands at over 15% more than the rest of the world. Obviously, we can expect a global expansion soon.

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