Slack Introduces Threaded Messages to Make Public Channels More Readable

January 24, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Popular work chat app Slack is introducing a feature which the users have been craving for ever since its debut; threaded messages. The simple chat app is making the conversations in its platform more constructive now with the introduction of threaded conversations.

With this introduction, users will be able to categorize messages based on numerous topics, letting users keep the particular topic off the main flow of chat channels. Despite being one of the long-requested features among users, threaded conversations was one such feature that could have easily hampered the app simplicity.

However, Slack has done well enough to keep the trait intact alongside making a noticeable upgrade in regard with its existing work chat services. That’s by keeping the new threaded messages confined under a new flex pane made available to the left of the main chat.

To start a threaded conversation, user will only have to click the ‘Start a Thread’ option that appears when placing the mouse over any conversation. Replies to those messages will automatically be grouped in the flex pane. The original message will also have a link appearing below that will tell us the number of replies to those message, and also info about the senders of the replies.

Users can also add new users to the thread by mentioning their user names. Interested threads can be manually followed in the thread’s ellipses menu. Also, a single message can only be threaded once. According to the company, the new feature would be making the public group conversations more readable by taking the conversations about discrete topics to its own workspace.

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