Evernote Makes Note Creation Easier and Stylized with its Latest iOS Update

January 23, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Evernote is finally addressing some its long-present product issues with a new update for iOS devices. The latest version of Evernote comes with a massive overhaul that has been brought in keeping in mind the interests of users for speed and simplicity.

Gone are those posting shortcuts that were arrayed on top, as Evernote has made all those shortcuts more accessible with a new design that puts everything within a single ‘+’ button at the bottom. Users can quickly jump into new notes by simply tapping this button, while a long-press will take them through a list of shortcuts like starting an audio, or reminder.

Along with the new button, Evernote features a row of navigation buttons that are provided to give quick-access to users for multiple functions. That includes access for Notes, Search, Account info and other shortcuts.

Evernote is also making the previews more customized by adding options of viewing it in various sizes. Users can view the previews in small, medium or large sizes now, and it also adds the option for viewing attached images along with the note. This should help users quickly identify the notes they are searching for. Users can also customize their notes with various text sizes and colors.

Evernote is also making note access faster by opening the app from where it has been left. Users will be able to continue with their previous notes once the app is exited and open again; no more will they be welcomed by that boring old home screen.

Evernote says that its new version has been built from scratches, and it does appear so with all the new features and redesign. You can enjoy the new experience by downloading the latest version from the App Store.

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