YouTube for Android is Gearing up for a Major Overhaul that Includes Video Preview Options

January 20, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube has just made a major jump in Android. The smartphone app version is now receiving a new update that will take the app version to v 12.0. But don’t expect bigger changes in the new update despite the number going up by one. YouTube’s latest version only adds some bug fixes. But there’s something more interesting that’s kept hidden inside.

The teardown of the app has now revealed that Google will soon make a big leap in terms of the features available within the app. And that includes a video preview option, fine-tuned seek bar, event boosting features and more.

The evidence for the above-said features has been found hidden inside the apk package of YouTube v12.0. But none of those comes sort of guaranteed for a future update, and we can confirm its existence only when it shows up within the app.

The major addition is the support for video previews by simply long-pressing the thumbnails of the video. It’s a big addition, considering that users are currently given no choice but to watch the video if to know what it’s all about. As it appears, the feature will be available only on thumbnails appearing in the Home and Trending tabs, and not with the suggested video segment under currently-played videos. But it makes sense, as Home and Trending tabs come packed with bigger thumbnails, which should make the previews more convenient to watch.

Another change is the refinement of seek bar, which should prevent accidental seeking of video to unintended points in the video, especially when the videos are being watched in compact mode. This has been achieved by coupling the seek bar’s responsiveness to the player controls.

Apart from the aforesaid features, YouTube’s upcoming version could also add support for displaying promotional contents for concerts and other events. A layout will be added to showcase details like dates for ticketed events and more.

Like said before, these are the hints which Google has left behind in its apk package, and there’s a big chance that these won’t be making it to the final version. We will have to wait to see if YouTube will be working ahead with the mentioned features.

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