Telegram Overhauls Its Desktop Application with Customizable Themes

January 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Telegram has been offering its services through the form of desktop app for over three years. But it barely has received any major update since its launch. Thankfully, Telegram is revising that by bringing what can be called the first major update for its desktop application.

Telegram for Windows and Mac has started receiving a major update that finally brings the desktop application in line with the material design aesthetics. With the new version 1.0, desktop users will finally be treated with an advanced interface that’s also easy to navigate at the same time. The interface also adds new animations to make the desktop platform visually appealing.

Alongside, Telegram is also adding support for customizable themes. According to the company, the new custom themes will be made available to all Telegram users on desktop, and anyone will be able to quickly craft themes of their choice.

Apart from visual upgrades, Telegram is also bringing the support for deleting messages from company’s servers. Until now, the desktop version only let users delete messages from the devices they were using, and not from the server. However, the ability to delete messages from servers was available in the mobile app version. The deletion will work only with sent messages, and not with any received messages.

Telegram’s upgrade should help them expand the user base of the desktop platform. In a similar move, the company has previously made its auto sync features exclusive to the app version on desktops, giving an upper edge to the app over the web version of Telegram.

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