Nokia 8 Tipped to be the Former Finnish Giants’ First Flagship Post the Return

January 19, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia finally made its official return with the Nokia 6 mid-range smartphone earlier this month. The smartphone was launched exclusively for the Chinese markets. But it appears that Nokia is having bigger plans for the global markets.

The former Finnish behemoth has been rumored to be showcasing a couple of smartphones during the upcoming MWC event in Barcelona. It includes the rumored mid-range smartphone Nokia E as well as the company’s much awaited flagship smartphone. Not many details were available as with the latter device until now, but new reports are throwing more light over it.

Accordingly, the first flagship of Nokia since its return will be called Nokia 8, and it will be a high-end smartphone that will flaunt stupendous features inside it. The rumors popped out after a device, allegedly said to be the one from Nokia, was showcased by Qualcomm during CES.

The device flaunted some of the highlights of Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 835 chipset including the advanced image stabilization features. Being showcased was two unbranded reference smartphones, with one featuring the current flagship SoC from Qualcomm.

Interestingly, this has vamped up speculation that Nokia will be having not just one, but two flagship devices, with one being a scaled down version in terms of processing power. Qualcomm has later denied the rumors explaining that the devices were only reference designs used by Qualcomm. However, a glance at the rear-side of the device does invoke some curiosity.

The alleged smartphone featured a camera with dual-LED flash setup on its rear side. Interestingly, the camera featured the circular ring along with the bump. The looks feature a striking similarity to the camera setup that was used in Nokia’s high-end Lumia devices, or more specifically the PureView smartphones.

Interestingly, the numbering also makes the match, as Nokia had the habit of rolling out its high-end smartphone under 800 series, while the mid-range devices were rolled out under the 500 and 600 series. So if going by the name Nokia adopted for its recently unveiled smartphone, Nokia 8 is the name that sounds more applicable for its upcoming flagship.

We will definitely come to know all about it as Nokia has now officially sent out invites for the MWC event that will be taking place on February 26. The company will also have its Nokia 6 device showcased during the event along with the new unveilings.

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