Neon is Opera’s New ‘Concept Browser’ for Experimentation of Design Ideas

January 18, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Opera is rolling out a new browser, and it’s called Neon. But unlike the rest, Opera’s Neon is not its mainstream browser. Instead, the new product is an experimental browser where all Opera’s weird design ideas will be put for test.

The homepage of the new browser itself reflects this very design concept. Instead of opening a new browser tab that offer bookmarks or top sites, Neon offers them in form of floating bubbles inside a window that shares your desktop wallpaper in the background. Placed above those is a simple text-input box where you can type in a URL or for performing a Google search.

Neon also skips the conventional tab layout for an intriguing design that offers multi-tab browsing in the form of circular icons that are placed to the right. The icon here represents the tab, and you can even drag an icon on top of an already-open page to start split-screen browsing. Users can also adjust the width of the webpages opened in split-screen.

To the right of the browser is placed tools like download. But along with that, Neon also offers a couple of quick shortcuts like the one for snapping the screenshot of a webpage. There’s also a gallery option that shows all the images users have captured through the browser. There’s also a shortcut to play/pause audio and video streams without entering the respective tab of the site from which those are streamed.

The features are pretty cool, and it’s definitely fun to browse in the new browser from Opera. However, Neon is still isn’t that mainstream browser for users, as it can prove sluggish at times. But that’s not what Opera wants, as the browser will be a platform to launch unique design concepts. It does provide a visually-cool interface which can be refreshing for users during casual browsing sessions.

Neon is available for Windows and Mac, and it can be downloaded now from the official site.

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