Samsung Might Unveil Its Foldable Smartphones Later this Year

January 17, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung has been working on foldable display technology for years. But it now appears that the company is at last making its technology reach the consumer end.

As per the latest reports, Samsung will be unveiling its foldable smartphones as early as Q3 this year. According to Korean Herald, Samsung will be shipping over 100,000 units of its foldable smartphone during the third quarter.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone will feature a fold-out technology that will have its screen facing outside when folded. When unfolded, users will be able to use the smartphone as a tablet, with the screen size measuring 7-inch when the folded screens are merged together. With the fold-out technology, users will still be able to use the screen even if the device remains in the folded state.

Samsung’s previous efforts revolved around fold-in display technology which had the screens tucked-in when folded. However, they later gave up on the technology after deeming that it would be inconvenient for users to unfold the smartphone every time they want to use them. However, their works with the folding technology has helped them get rid of any big challenges in carving out a fold-out smartphone.

Samsung is said to have winded up the technological works behind foldable smartphone following its completion. They still haven’t confirmed the launch, and it’s only getting delayed because of feasibility reasons like marketability and profitability.

According to inside sources, the confirmation of the launch will be made following the reshuffle of the company’s information technology and communication unit personnel.

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