Google Lines Up Massive Upgrade for Google Voice

January 16, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has been continuously overhauling its works in the communication space, and it included updates like those for Hangouts and even new product rollouts like Allo and Duo. However, there was one service that felt like being abandoned by Google; the Google Voice VOIP service.

Lack of updates for the ageing platform forced many to believe that Google is giving up on any improvements for Google Voice. But that just may not be the case, suggest a new update link that has accidentally emerged on the website version of Google Voice.

Many users have now reported that they were welcomed with a link on the web version of Google Voice, and it apparently boasted of a new Google Voice. ‘The new Google Voice is here. TRY NOW,’ read the banner that got displayed for users when logging on to their account.

But unfortunately, clicking those links never took the user to any new Google Voice. Instead, users were taken back to the existing home page of Google Voice after a refresh. But it shouldn’t be disappointing, as the banner definitely hints for a massive overhaul to the Google Voice service that has received no updates in the recent times.

The last major update for Google Voice was back in 2014, and it introduced integration of Google Hangouts with the VOIP service. An update later followed the next year, and it brought some refinements to the voicemail transcriptions.

Neither of them bettered the interface of Google Voice. But it seems like users will finally be welcomed by a new interface along with new features, as Google has now confirmed to The Verge that it’s working on an update following the reports that carried the news of a new Google Voice. They haven’t still disclosed what the update will be packing. The confirmation is still enough to get the users excited.

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