Apple Rumored to be working with Carl Zeiss for its Augmented Reality Wearable

January 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s love for augmented reality is no big secret. The Cupertino Company holds a huge interest in kick- the modern arm of technology, and to kick-start consumer-focused developments on the same. It was also previously reported that its first AR output would be a wearable device. Now, we are having more info on that particular ‘first’ from Apple.

According to newly emerged reports, Apple won’t be pushing its AR efforts alone. Rather, the company has come in terms with optic-leaders Carl Zeiss in an effort to bring out an augmented reality wearable that will be similar to Google Glass, but better of course.

According to Robert Scoble, the former tech evangelist at Microsoft, Apple’s collaboration with Carl Zeiss was one of the major reasons for why the latter decided to stay calm in the recent CES expo. That was despite the Carl Zeiss booth being placed right in middle of augmented reality section. It’s believed that the Cupertino Company will be muzzling Carl Zeiss until the partnership gets officially revealed.

He has also revealed that an unnamed employee at Zeiss has confirmed the association of the two companies, adding that its AR wearable would be arriving in 2018.

Introduction of a new AR wearable would be putting both the companies on the AR domain for the first time. Carl Zeiss boasts previous expertise of working on VR, but it would be for the first time that its name gets associated with augmented reality.

Besides, the VR One Plus headset from Carl Zeiss is only a basic VR headset that intends to turn smartphones into a VR system with optical setups. A completely stand-alone AR wearable will therefore be an equal push for Apple and Carl Zeiss in mixed reality development.

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