HTC Working on a Vive-Branded Smartphone to Up VR Game

January 13, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC is eyeing to expand its virtual reality endeavor with the introduction of new Vive-branded smartphones, suggests a new leaked video that has emerged ahead of its upcoming January 12 event. The video has initially popped up a few months ago, but it has hence been removed from its original source. With the video surfacing again, it now appears that it could play a part in the upcoming event.

The upcoming ‘for U’ event from HTC will showcase its three new smartphone outputs, namely the HTC U Ultra, U Play and One X10. However, it’s also now being said that the Taiwanese manufacturer will be throwing light upon its Vive expansion, revealing the direction it will be embracing to up the VR game.

The leaked video, which is said to be aired during the event, takes a dig at its rivals including Samsung, Apple, OnePlus and Nokia Lumia by showcasing smartphones that ‘emotionally fails to connect with the buyers.’ It later flaunts personalized smartphones that can be customized with a host of material and colors.

But what appears to be a fun-attempt turns a little serious going towards the end of the video, and that’s with the glimpse of the device that brings out Vive-branding under the limelight. Interestingly, the company has also tweaked the antenna bars in the device which now comes in a batch of four placed atop and below the display.

The Vive branding certainly points at HTC working on the popularity of its Vive VR headsets to make even more out of its smartphone segment. Possibilities are that the company could be introducing its own smartphone-based VR headset, akin to Samsung Gear VR, which could be working on the Google Daydream standards.

Given HTC’s expertise with VR hardware, a scaled down VR headset for its smartphones could be a good move for reviving its smartphone depot too. We will have to wait until mid-week to know further about the Vive branding.

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