Google App Beta Hints Adding Search Gestures; Keyboard Instant Arriving for Google Assistant

January 11, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has just unveiled its first app update in the New Year, and it’s for the beta version of its search app. The update barely introduces any new feature, but it still points to some of the big additions that could be making its way with future updates.

A teardown of the coding of v 6.10.31 beta now reveals that Google is working on an intriguing ‘Search Gesture’ feature. No details have yet surfaced, but going by the name, it seems that Google is working on a feature that could pop up the search dialogue box by simply swiping on the home screen.

The feature should provide a convenient mode of access to the app via the touch interface. Google Search can be invoked by speaking out the Ok Google command, but it still requires users to stretch their fingers all the way up to the Google Search bar in order to access the search window without using any voice command.


While details of the new feature are yet to be known, there’s some other feature which Google has thrown more light upon. Apparently, Google will soon be introducing keyboard support for Google Assistant on Pixel devices. This very feature should be finally able to axe one big disadvantage of Google Assistant over Google Now.

The app will now have a keyboard icon which will let users interact with Google Assistant not just through voice, but also by simply typing in. There’s also a text box provided along with the keyboard icon. By default, Google will be trying to communicate with you through voice commands, and users will have to tap the keyboard icon if to tryout the other available mode of interaction.

Apart from this, Google has also added new settings for Android Wear 2.0 that all but confirms the imminent arrival of Google Assistant for the smartwatch ecosystem. According to Android Police, all of these new features could be made available through a new update, which will be hitting the devices soon. You can download the apk file of the beta version here to test the new beta update on your device.

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