iDevices Instant Switch wants to Customize your Control over Smart Home Devices

January 6, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The requirement for a single handy switch to control select bunch of smart home devices has been becoming much heavier with the inbound of more and more interconnected devices. Luckily, iDevices is coming up with such a remote that will draw all such smart home devices together.

Called the Instant Switch, this new Bluetooth remote is exactly what it’s being called: an instant switch to control interconnected devices from iDevices. The device is quite different to the previous products from iDevices, in the sense that it makes use of Bluetooth to pair up with other devices instead of Wi-Fi like it was with the smart plugs and thermostats from iDevices.

According to what the company says, the Instant Switch is that device which will give you the power of customization over control of smart home devices so that they can choose how to layout the control point of those devices at home, irrespective of where the original outlets are placed.


Instant Switch will be pairing up with all the iDevices products including outlets, sockets, switches, dimmers and lighting products to hand you better control over the devices. This can also be used to control multiple products at once. The better part is that Instant Switch can also integrate with smart home platforms like Apple’s HomeKit, Android and Amazon’s Alexa assistant that could hand you voice control access.

To have it affixed anywhere inside your home, the Instant Switch comes with a bult-in Command adhesive backing that can also be attached to wall plates from iDevices to have it fitted over standard wall plates. The design of the device also makes sure that there is no difficulty caused while trying to stick it onto walls.

Instant Switch makes use of two CR2032 coin cell batteries, and it can get the device going for two years without any requirement of being charged. Instant Devices will be making its debut at CES this week, and will later be hitting the markets by mid-2017. The device will be priced at $49.95.

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