HTC Ocean Note Flagship Aims to Outclass Pixel Smartphone’s Mastery in Smartphone Camera

December 31, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC’s flagship devices always catch all attention before they get launched. But it barely carries the same fuzz in the market. However, that hasn’t stopped the Taiwanese manufacturer from presenting more intriguing flagships that packs features capable of grabbing the eyeball. This time, they are making the news with its upcoming Note flagship, the Ocean Note.

Ocean Note is one among the three smartphones that will be launched by HTC under the Ocean series. Compared to the other two devices, the Ocean Smart and Ocean Master, it’s the Ocean Note that is expected to steal limelight, as HTC will be packing a bunch of cool features for its flagship Note this year.

The biggest of them is with the camera work. HTC’s revamps with their smartphone cameras are nothing new; they were one of the early adopters of the dual-cam technology. Unfortunately, it never quite worked out in market, and that’s the reason why they are aiming for the best this time around.


The Ocean Note smartphone is now said to be introducing a rear-cam that will rake a DXO score higher than that of Google Pixel, which is the current record holder. Google Pixel, widely regarded as the best Android smartphone, is also considered as the smartphone with the best camera output. Even if HTC manages to outrun Google Pixel in DXO ranking, the company must be able to convince its camera prowess among user base.

As with other overhauls, the Ocean Note will also be featuring dual-curved display. The device is also said to be ditching the 3.5 mm headphone jack in favor of USB-C ports, a move which we have seen earlier in the company’s HTC 10 evo smartphone. Ocean note will also include the adaptive audio technology was used in HTC 10 evo to tweak the audio settings based on ambient noise.

The three devices will be officially launched in January 12, following which it will be hitting the markets two week later.

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