Focus, the Productivity-Focused Smart Mail App from Samsung Exits Beta

December 31, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There would be many out there unaware of the Android productivity app from Samsung called Focus. That’s because Samsung has been keeping its smart mail app in beta until now. But that’s changing, and Samsung has now decided to deliver the app for all by lifting the beta tag off the app.

Focus is essentially a smart mail app where you can get all your mails, calendar events, memos and contacts tabbed in a single space. With unified view and unified search options, Samsung is also providing greater support to consumer, as well as enterprise services through its Focus app.


Samsung calls it the ‘unified productivity application’ and this comes on the basis that Focus makes use of numerous backend interface to bring it all under one hood. Important mails, events and memos will be displayed on the home tab in cards, and it seems like Samsung has looked upon Google Now for an inspiration.

The unified search bar can be located on the top right space of the app, and it can be used to bring up anything under the above specified work elements. Samsung is also giving preference to keywords to make your task of searching easier.

Besides, users will also be able to flag individual contacts or mail senders to put them atop their priority list. This will ensure that they don’t get buried below other mails and events. It’s not a big addition, but certainly worth noting that even apps like Outlook miss such trivial feature, which can often be fruitful for you.

Samsung Focus app is only available for Samsung devices that run Android version 6.0 and above. You can have the app downloaded from here.

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