Twitter Unleashes 360-degree Video Stream on Periscope

December 30, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With rising competition from rivals including Facebook, Twitter has decided to step up the game by unlocking the 360-degree video stream feature. The social media platform has now officially announced the support for 360-degree video broadcast through its dedicated video streaming platform, Periscope.

Twitter’s 360-degree video stream service is plain, and it comes sans any editing options. The move to keep the service simple could benefit in adding novel users to the platform. Live 360-degree videos can be viewed on Periscope and Twitter through browsers and apps.

Users can spot 360-degree videos with the new red Live360 badge that can be found in the bottom-left corner of a video. The video can be panned by moving your screen across if in smartphone, or by simply clicking and dragging if accessing the videos through browser.


Twitter has let 360-degree video access to all its users, which means that any user can watch live 360-directional video. However, the same is not available for carrying out a stream and 360-degree videos is currently available for broadcast only to select partners.

It can be said that Twitter is only testing the platform as of now. There should be plans of adding more partners in the near future, but Twitter hasn’t revealed of it as of yet.

Facebook has also recently launched its 360-degree video stream pilot campaign, with aim of adding more partners in the coming months. With the latter planning to open up the service for all at some point, we can expect that Twitter too will be embracing similar moves.

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