Revamping Chromebook Lineup with a USB-C Chromebook

December 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Asus’s work with Chrome OS has been restricted to its range of base Chromebooks that delivers only mediocre performance. But if new reports are to be believed, the lineup will soon be shaken up with the introduction of a much powerful Chromebook device.

The new C302CA model from Asus will be a 12.5-inch convertible that will have a Full HD display that can be flipped in 360 degrees. Inside the device is an Intel Core m3 processor that’s clocked at 2.2 GHz.

The specifications are according to a Newegg listing, which was taken down hours after it initially appeared earlier this week. As per the listing, the C302CA model will be loaded with a RAM of 4GB, and it will have in-built storage of 64GB. This should be applicable to the base variant, and it can be expected that Asus will have more variants introduced by the time it gets official


Another big addition is the introduction of USB Type C ports. Asus C302CA Chromebook will have two USB Type C ports lined up in its sides. The USB 3.0 port is absent in the device, making it join the new-age batch of devices that have ditched the conventional ports for USB Type C. It’s also likely that these ports will also serve as the charging ports.

The Chromebook was also listed with a price-tag of $500, which is a good deal considering that a Macbook with a little extra functionality would cost double that amount. Chrome OS will still lack the power of a Window/Mac OS. However, the device should deliver equal performances for all such processes that are most accessed in convertibles like documentation and other internet-related applications.

Asus still hasn’t officially made a word about its new Chromebook, but it’s likely that the company will be taking off the covers off its new product at CES, which will be taking place early next month.

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