Chrome Defaults to HTML5 with the Latest Update for Mac, Windows and Linux

December 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s multi-phased axing of the sluggish flash player is nearing its completion. With the latest version 55 update for Chrome browser on Mac, Windows and Linux, Google has made HTML 5 default in its browser, squeezing the usage of Adobe’s Flash Player to the least.

Google began its multi-staged phasing out of Flash from its browser with version 53 Chrome that was released in September. The following version, Chrome v54, initiated the transition of YouTube from embedding Flash players to HTML5.

The current version has now triggered the major step by limiting the usage of Flash contents to only sites that completely use flash contents. Apart from those exempted sites, Chrome will also let the functioning of Flash-based contents on the top 10 sites, which are,,,,,,,,, and


The provision will be allowed only for a year. With the latest version, users will be asked to enable Flash the first time they visit the particular website that depends on flash contents.

Google is going hard on Flash to bring down the sluggish behavior of sites. Besides, the aim is also to improve the load times and subsequently improve the battery consumption and security. Google also believes that the current move will force publishers to switch to the faster HTML5 instead of sticking with Adobe Flash Player.

Besides the HTML5 tweak, Chrome’s latest update will also add automatic CSS hyphenation to let hyphenation of words when line-wrapping to improve the visual consistency of text blocks. As with the Android version, the new update will add a new download option to enable offline browsing of sites. Another addition is the inclusion of new button along with the media control that will indicate whether a download is possible for the file.

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