Google Keeps up Promise by Launching Standalone App Version of Android Auto

November 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay were some serious introductions that partly revolutionized the media interface of car stereo system. Partly only because it never was made ready for all; Android Auto was available only in the new arrivals, or would at least require an expensive head unit. But thankfully, that’s just an old story now, as Google has finally introduced the standalone app version of Android Auto like they have promised before.

The app version doesn’t takes down anything from the real version of Android Auto, and gives a fairly similar experience of jumping through the car infotainment experience offered by Google. The interface also remains the same so that users don’t miss out on anything when using the app.


Android Auto is presented to offer users get richer with two features; navigation and music. For this, Google has introduced card-type layout for Google Play Music and directions. Android Auto will automatically load some of your frequently visited locations to get it synced through to the app, and it will be done once you give the initial permissions.

Google has also decided to restrict the access to all the features, keeping the focus on driving. That means that while users can enjoy skipping through tracks and get their playlists loaded, they might still be not able to have a list of their entire music library, or get items searched through keyboard. That’s a good move, considering that Android Auto is meant to be used in between drive sessions.

Apart from music and navigation, Android Auto also arrives with features like display of alerts, calls, notifications, weather support etc. Again, Google has played it smart by getting rid of the option to respond to text messages.

As of now, it also lacks the support of activation via Ok Google commands, but Google says that it will soon be rolled out to the app version. Users can check the availability of the app in their devices from here.

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