Jamboard is Google’s Take on Microsoft’s Giant Whiteboard

October 28, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s no big secret that Google wants to get its name highlighted in the hardware front in a big scale. We saw the onset of this development with Google’s re-branding of the Nexus into Pixel, and this has been followed by a series of hardware launches from the company. Some of them formed a class of their own, while the rest was Google’s direct take on the industry giants.

The latest addition to the list falls under the latter, as Google is introducing a giant whiteboard that will serve as the company’s reply for Microsoft’s giant whiteboard, the Surface Hub. Jamboard, the 55-inch whiteboard from Google will now be clearing the path for Google to set foot in the office hardware domain.

The giant whiteboard from Google will have a 4K display, and it will have 16 touch inputs in its 55-inch screen. That’s much below the 100 touch inputs offered by Microsoft Hub, but Google Jamboard takes the advantage with the quick features and tricks that it offers. Like say you want to have the whiteboard wiped, Jamboard will automatically sense whether your fingers are being used to wipe the display. It has also got some other tricks hidden under its sleeve.


The specifications of the digital whiteboard are yet to be revealed, but as far as we know, Jamboard will be having a stylus, built-in camera, speakers, on-board Google apps for creating Jam sessions over Hangout calls, and quick tools for sticky notes, stencils, handwriting/shape recognition etc.

Google is also yet to reveal the pricing of the Jamboard, but has assured that it will be priced under $6000. That should catch more businesses, as Microsoft has got its Surface Hub priced much higher than the one from Google.

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