Facebook Working on App with Live Art Filters for Videos

October 28, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like Facebook is having a never-ending desire to mimic its rival services. Following the launch of a series of Snapchat-emulating features through Instagram and its own platform, the company is now steeping up to replicate another app that has become an instant hit upon its release.

At the WSJD Live conference, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox provided a glimpse of the company’s new unnamed app that will add art filters to videos snapped through camera. That pretty much sounds like a Prisma version of Facebook, but unlike the latter, Facebook’s art filter app puts a more appealing factor for the users; instant retrofit of beautiful art filters.

Prisma, which has added video filters recently on iOS, makes use of its neural networks to work on already captured videos that are available in the device. But Facebook’s app will be having a different take with their artificial intelligence, and it will be used to deploy the art filters directly to real-time videos shot through the device cam.


Users can watch the real-world around them garnished with art filters the moment the video get captured through the camera. Despite being an instant hit, Prisma features this particular snag of producing delay when processing images and videos. The app tries to counter this by deploying offline support for filters. But Facebook’s instant filter addition sounds more alluring than that of Prisma, which still takes a few seconds to add the filters in offline mode.

There is no info on when the app will be releasing, but at least it’s more than a prototype version now, as Chris Cox has also went on to show a live demo of the app during his interview. We can expect more revelation soon.

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