Instagram Prepping Go Insta with Live Video Broadcast

October 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is going beyond limits to push itself atop in terms of video broadcast. After having successfully introduced live video streams for all in its platform, the company is now eyeing to build more on it by expanding the service to its sibling platforms.

It’s now reported a live stream feature is being tested on Instagram, Facebook’s photo hosting platform. The report comes from Russian news site T Journal, which has also posted screenshots of the new live stream platform that’s reportedly being tested in the beta version of Instagram across some users.

The report gives insight on both live-stream interface as well as the stream-view interface. Apparently, the feature comes knotted with the Stories feature inside Instagram that was introduced earlier this year. A Live marking on top of the feed is been highlighted to suggest the live streams that are happening across.


The in-app camera also packs the ‘Go Insta’ button, which should trigger the live stream option inside the app. There’s no access to how the stream works right now, as neither the Go Insta button nor the Live tab takes us currently to the intended action. But that’s expectable; Instagram hasn’t given out a cue about its live feed service, and neither has it responded about the beta works. Clicking on the Live button did take the user to popular live feed segment, however.

This is the first time that the live stream feature of Instagram has got disclosed in a trusty outfit, despite finding a place in the rumor mills for a while. We can expect an official word soon. Until then, users can keep trying their luck with the beta version of Instagram. Here’s a tip; the T Journal reader found the feature in a Nexus 6P.

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